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Visit the Unique and Memorable Falling Waters State Park

1st August 2016

Falling Waters State Park
Photocredit: Florida State Parks

There’s still time to enjoy the great outdoors this summer and Falling Waters State Park is the perfect place to spend some time exploring. Falling Waters is a unique place to visit. Located in the northwest panhandle of Florida, this park is perfect for the whole family, with cascading waterfalls, breathtakingly beautiful sinkholes and lots of fun things to do.

Falling Waters State Park offers fishing, shaded picnic areas, a playground, camping and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities in some of the rarer habitats of Florida. Falling Waters is the type of place where lifelong memories are made.

Falling Waters State Park Sink Hole

The main attraction, the waterfall, boasts a 73-foot drop, the highest in the state of Florida. The largest sinkhole in the park is at the base of the waterfall. The sinkhole, known as Falling Waters Sink, is a 100-foot cavern, and can be accessed by visitors via a paved trail and boardwalk.

The entire park has an extended system of underwater caves, sinkholes and springs. The park lies on a bed of limestone that has eroded due to the acidic rainfall in the area. At times the waterfall is just a trickle and at times it is a raging torrent, all dependent on the amount of rain in the area.

Recreation at Falling Waters State Park
Photocredit: Falling Waters State Park, TripAdvisor

There are three short nature trails that visitors can follow throughout the park. The trails lead around 100 ft deep sink holes, the waterfalls and many other points of interest. Hiking the trails provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to experience a mixture of habitats and natural features. There is an upland, pine forest, a hardwood hammock, and a 3 acre lake perfect for swimming and fishing.

30A is rich in sites of historic significance and Falling Waters State Park is no exception. The sinkholes were used as hideouts by the Native Americans during the Seminole wars; the park is the site of a Civil War era gristmill and, later, a distillery was constructed on the site. The park is also the site of the first oil well in Florida. There are many interpretive exhibits at the park to help tell the rich history of this unique part of Florida. The park is known for it’s Campfire Circles, where the friendly park staff give interpretive programs on a wide variety of subject matter, from snakes to long leaf pines.

Falling Waters State Park is known for its natural beauty, varied habitats and geological uniqueness. It is set aside as a wildlife preservation because over 400 species of plants and animals reside there. It is an official site along the Great Florida Birding Trail.

Nature at Falling Waters State Park
Photocredit: Whooping Crane, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

We encourage you to consider visiting the truly astounding Falling Water State Park and we would love to have you stay with us while you’re in the area. For more information about the park visit Florida State Parks. For more information about Exclusive 30A or to book a rental online, visit Exclusive