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Top 5 Most Striking Beach Towns of 30a

16th May 2016

Want to know where the must-see 30a rentals are? We’ve got you covered with our selection of the five most striking beach towns of 30a.



Seaside is one of the most “innovative” beaches and a true jewel of southern living. Seaside offers a harmonious experience as the town that surrounds it has no less than nine beach pavilions. As a matter of fact, the hit movie from many years ago, The Truman Show, was filmed in and around the area of Seaside. With a bevy of outdoor concerts and some incredible spots to eat at, Seaside is a journey no 30a vacationer should do without.



Imagine, a beach so serene it takes your breath away every time. That’s what WaterSound has to offer, as well as golfing options that are almost too good to be true. The homes are also especially grand, with many having been built decades ago and truly show off the style of a forgotten era.


Inlet Beach

Want to visit somewhere a little more remote, a little more… out of the way? Then Inlet Beach is ideal as it feels totally removed from modern society. You’ll found old piers simply wasting away (although it looks gorgeous) as you relax in the sparkling clear, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The dunes that surround the beach are also mighty spectacular, so ensure that your phone or fancy DSL camera is fully charged, as there will be plenty of pictures worth taking (and posting to social media to make your friends jealous).


Alys Beach

This is an area influenced by Bermuda itself and it shows. Alys Beach also features a true throwback to the past and in a time without refrigeration, folks of “ye olden times” used butteries to store their perishables. These butteries can still be seen in many of the properties on Alys Beach. The area itself is remarkably beautiful with a fine selection of activities for the entire family to enjoy.


Blue Mountain Beach

Blue mountain beach is one of the most breath-taking beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and anyone going on 30a vacation would do well do visit its sandy-white shores. The name is said to originate from the flowers, blue lupine which grow in abundance near the homes and around the dunes. It’s also a brilliant beach for biking on as its exceedingly quiet most days of the year, making it ideal for those looking to just vanish from society for a while.

There’s nothing quite like the beachfront experiences along the 30a coast. Visit them now, and create unforgettable memories while relaxing with family, friends and loved ones on one of the most visually arresting spots on earth.

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