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The Top 7 Beaches on 30A

1st July 2018

The scenic stretch of highway known as 30A runs along Florida’s Emerald Coast and is home to some wonderful neighborhoods, annual events, gorgeous homes, restaurants, nightlife, and of course, some truly spectacular beaches. People from throughout the world choose to spend their vacation here to splash in the Emerald Waters and admire some of these celebrated stretches of sand. If you’re thinking of visiting this area, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 7 best beaches (many of which we offer luxury vacation rentals on) to check out during your vacation on 30A!

watersound beach

The awe-inspiring, white sand landscapes and peaceful serenity of WaterSound Beach have captured the hearts of visitors for years. Its neighborhood boardwalks offer breathtaking views of the towering dunes and coastal lakes that this distinctive part of the Emerald Coast is known for.  The area is also home to some of the best parks, greens, and preserved woodlands and wetlands along 30A.

Alys Beach

Take a drive down 30A to visit one of the most notable beaches on the Emerald Coast. Situated near Seaside, the striking white, traditional Bermuda homes of Alys Beach are situated in perfect contrast next to the coastal waters. A 21-acre nature preserve, an amphitheater, neighborhood parks, tennis courts, the renowned Alys Shoppe, and Caliza Restaurant are some of the many highlights you can enjoy during your stay.


Bordered by 13 acres of protected dunes, the tranquility that can be found on Inlet Beach is unparalleled on 30A or anywhere else. A timeless “Old Florida” character simply oozes from this community, from its classic architecture to its unique, local charm. Due to the remarkable beaches and the largest coastal dune lake in all of Florida, some of the most picturesque landscapes on the Emerald Coast can be found here.

seaside pavilion

Seaside’s innovative design with nine unique beach pavilions, cobblestone streets, and quaint cottages with white picket fences is why the small town receives credit for starting the New Urbanism revolution and is hailed by TIME for “the most outstanding design achievement of its era.” Somehow, the exceptional beaches are almost forgotten amongst the blissfully simplistic lifestyle that permeates this 30A community. The same beautiful town that provided the inspiration for the Truman Show can provide you with your own inspiration during a relaxing stroll.

Blue Mountain Beach

One of the highest points on the Gulf of Mexico, Blue Mountain Beach has been aptly named due to this elevation and the stunning blue lupine flowers that flourish throughout the dunes. The area is home to many magnificent private residences, boutiques, charming restaurants, and of course the picturesque views that 30A’s beaches are famed for. You are sure to be delighted if you come across this hidden gem during your beach exploration.


Some of the most scenic landscapes along 30A can be found on the sometimes criminally-overlooked Dune Allen Beach. The mixture of natural landmarks—such as the coastal dune lakes to the north, Gulf of Mexico to the South, and Topsail Hill State Preserve to the west—have caused guests to visit this beach in search of outdoor fun and the perfect photo opportunity. Spend a wonderful afternoon here at any of the community’s landmark restaurants or picnicking in the aforementioned State Preserve, which ranks as one of Florida’s most treasured parks.

grayton beach

One of the most prominent areas on the Emerald Coast, Grayton Beach has earned its reputation over an extensive period of time. Considered one of the oldest beaches in the area, guests have been visiting the gorgeous historic cottages, white sands, and lovely oak trees found in the community since 1890. Interestingly, this is the only beach along 30A that allows cars to drive on to it (if the proper permit is acquired). This has led to the beach becoming a hot spot for tourists traveling here to spend their day on its unparalleled shores.

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