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Summer Vacation in a Luxury Vacation Rental is WAY Better than in a Hotel

1st June 2018

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to begin planning how you’ll use all those vacation days you’ve saved up this year. The 30A community MUST be near the top of your destination list due to the world-renowned beaches, vibrant and unique communities, gorgeous homes, bountiful indoor and outdoor activities for all ages, acclaimed restaurant scene, and prodigious shopping options. With a little bit of research on the 30A community, we’re confident you’ll choose it as your next vacation destination, at which point your next step will be to select where you want to stay during your trip. While the first thing that might come to mind is searching for a hotel in the area, you should be aware that spending your summer vacation in a luxury vacation rental is by far the superior option.

If you begin your search looking at hotels, you might be disappointed to find that most of them will fall short of your expectations. For example, many don’t have enough space for your family, aren’t located in your  preferred 30A community, don’t offer  top-of-the-line amenities, or simply aren’t particularly comfortable.

This is where vacation rentals excel, especially those managed by Exclusive 30A. We are here to help you with your search from the very beginning. Our friendly staff works with you to find the home of your dreams, in the perfect neighborhood, that fits all your needs. We offer an extensive portfolio of luxury vacation rentals, ensuring that no matter your wish list, we can find a home that meets them. However, the excellent service doesn’t stop there; periodic check-ins and 24/7 guest services are available to answer any questions or help solve problems, in order to ensure that you’ll have the best vacation possible.

Staying in a hotel never feels truly comfortable, no matter how luxurious or expensive it is. Luxury vacation rentals are completely different; they excel in transitioning guests from feeling like a tourist to feeling like a part of the community. They offer inherent benefits that a hotel simply never can, such as plenty of space and privacy, the ability to cook your own meal(s), and extra amenities that make each home unique.

Furthermore, hotel beds often feel a bit worn out, don’t have the best linens, or just feel too “cookie-cutter” in general, made for quick cleaning and short stays. Luxury vacation rentals have far fewer visitors who generally stay for longer periods of time; thus, they tend to be more cognizant of caring for someone else’s home. Exclusive 30A luxury vacation rentals have some of the most comfortable beds available that feature plush mattresses, ultra-luxe Bella Notte bedding, and pillows so fluffy you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. We recognize that small details like the comfort of your sleep can go a long way in giving you the best vacation ever.

Staying in a hotel tends to feel cramped. Rooms are designed for function rather than comfort, and often don’t have enough space to store your belongings, let alone move about freely. It is one of the most underrated aspects of vacation rentals and can make a huge difference in how guests experience their coveted time off.

The additional space that vacation rentals offer also means they provide unique amenities that hotel guests miss out on. Whether you enjoy grilling outside, playing games in the yard, watching movies in a large living room, having a family dinner in a full dining room, or relaxing on a swing under the sun, you’ll only get these experiences in a luxury vacation rental. Each one of Exclusive 30A’s vacation rentals has unique character, making it fun to search for the perfect fit to make your trip truly special.

Love to cook? Having the ability to prepare meals in a fully-equipped kitchen is yet another reason that luxury vacation rentals are better than hotels. Bring your favorite ingredients from home or find some locally grown ones at one of 30A’s many farmers’ markets, and whip up a delectable dish of your choosing.

If you’re like us and find luxury vacation rentals to be WAY better than hotels, let us help you find the perfect home to make your summer vacation on 30A truly unforgettable. At Exclusive 30A, we are always looking for ways to take your 30A vacation to the next level. We represent the most desirable vacation rentals along the 30A Beaches. Call (844) STAY-30A or (844) 782-9302, email us at or contact us through our website here: Plus, remember to follow us on Twitter @exclusive30a, Instagram @exclusive30a or Like the Exclusive 30A Facebook page for more information.  We’d love to hear from you!