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Spring Break Bonfires at the Beach on 30A

14th February 2015

beach-bonfire_webPhotocredit: Santa Rosa Beach

Bonfires on the beaches along 30A are a beloved tradition among tourists and locals alike. If you’re vacationing along 30A for spring break, a bonfire on the beach is one experience you won’t want to skip.

Who doesn’t love to collect a group of friends and family and head to the beach for a bonfire? When you combine the fun of a bonfire with the dramatic beauty of the beach at night, it becomes a memorable venture. A beach bonfire is a rich sensory experience: cool sand between your toes, the warmth of the roaring fire, the sound of waves crashing in your ears while burning embers float upwards towards the sky. Even the smell of smoke and roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over the fire helps to create an enchanted evening.

You’ll have to obtain a bonfire permit from the South Walton Fire District on County Highway 393. If you’re out of town, you can call their office at 850-267-1298. A one-day bonfire permit is $50 and applications are processed Monday – Friday (8am – 4pm Central Time.) Go to their website to learn more.

Here are some tips to enjoy a phenomenal spring break bonfire on 30A.

What to Bring to a Bonfire • Wood • Blankets or towels • Beach chairs • Cooler with ice and your favorite beverages • S’mores ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows • Roasting sticks for the marshmallows • Hot dogs to roast, pizza, sandwiches or other easy-to-eat-with-your-hands food • Jacket or sweatshirt • Football, soccer ball, volleyball, paddleball, cornhole or any other beach-friendly game

Beach chairs, sand castle kits, bikes and other equipment can be rented at the beachside rental shops.

If you would rather have someone take care of the details for you, there are several professionals in the area. They will take care of the permits, chairs, tiki torches, table with food and beverages; there are different levels of services so check around to find what you need.

Live Well 30A, our partner concierge service, manages beach bonfires. Contact them here: 850-534-0183.

Other suggested services include:
Santa Rosa Beach
Sea Oats Beach Service
Grayton Beach Catering

A beach bonfire on 30A is an unparalleled experience. The soft white sand under your bare feet, the beautiful gulf waves glistening in the golden light of the late afternoon sunset, happy faces and joyful hearts combine to make the ritual bonfire gathering a memory that won’t fade for years to come.

What “beach bonfire essentials” are on your beach vacation list?