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Local Spotlight: Digital Graffiti 2015

23rd May 2015

The Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach is the world’s first projection art festival. This year’s event will be held Thursday, June 4 through Saturday, June 6 in Alys Beach, Florida.

Digital Graffiti Festival - Alys Beach
Photocredit: Lori Ceier / Walton Outdoors

Digital graffiti is an emerging art-form that gives the viewer a sense of being immersed in the visual world. DigitalGraffiti2015 is a place where artists use the latest digital technologies to project original works of art onto the white walls of the architecture of Alys Beach.

Underground artists around the world have been experimenting with the intersection of design, animation and projection technologies to create this new art form; many have been projecting onto skyscrapers and other urban structures as a way to experiment and create new art. Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is a festival that attempts to bring together the best digital art talent together in one place to celebrate and experience the unique art of carefully selected talented artists.

Digital Graffiti Party - Alys Beach
Photocredit: Digital Graffiti Festival

Digital graffiti has been described as “social cinema.” What happens when you experience digital graffiti is that you begin to associate your own memories and experiences with the visuals; many viewers find they become immersed with the images and create their own interpretations of the digital graphics.

The unique architecture of Alys Beach lends itself to digital graffiti. The large, blank, white walls, combined with the doors, courtyards and pedestrian paths allow the artists to create new and innovative concepts. The festival attracts digital artists, filmmakers, musicians, interactive designers, photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture from all over the world.

Digital Graffiti on Building in Alys Beach, Florida
Photocredit: Digital Graffiti Festival

DigitalGraffiti2015 is an opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind stunningly beautiful multi-media festival. Exclusive30A invites you to join the communities of 30A as we gather together to revel in the artistry and elegance of this incredible event.

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach from Alys Beach on Vimeo.

For more information on DigitalGraffiti2015 visit their Facebook page at:, email or call 850-213-5500.

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