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Lazy Summer Days at the Beach Along 30A

11th July 2015

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.” ~Kate Chopin, The Awakening

Beachgoers on 30A in Florida
Photocredit: Jack Gardner Photography

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a lazy day spent on the beach, especially when the weather is warm and a quiet breeze brushes against your body, gently caressing you and keeping you comfortably cool. Gazing across the sugary-white sands of the 30A beaches, your eyes drink in the turquoise blue green waters of the Gulf of Mexico and suddenly you know this is going to be an exceptional day. You take a moment to survey the beach and decide which empty umbrella and chair you want to occupy. The scene is so inviting, the colors so vivid, so brimming with warmth and happiness and life, you never want this day to end.

You remove your flip flops and enjoy the pleasure of the heat of the sand beneath your feet and the sensation of the warm sand between your toes. You make yourself comfortable in your seat under the shade of the beach umbrella. You prepare for your day – sunscreen, ice water, a cooler with ready-made sandwiches and snacks. You instinctively reach for your sunglasses, your favorite book and a refreshing beverage.

A Relaxing Day on 30A Beaches
Photocredit: Jack Gardner Photography

The laid-back luxury of the beach seems to mimic the casual, relaxed elegance of the communities along 30A. Such is the pace of life here; the temptation is to simply do nothing. But opportunities for activities abound, and it would be a shame to waste them. So you pull out your notebook and begin planning for the rest of your vacation.

A middle-aged couple arrive and set up for the day under the umbrella next to yours, having made their way laughing in the easy way that long-time couples do. The sense of wellbeing and peace you feel as you deeply inhale the salty sea air, surrounded by the cacophony of crashing waves, children shrieking in delight and family members calling out to one another, mirror the easy, happy, relaxed mood of your vacation stay.

Beautiful Orange Sunset Along 30A in Florida
Photocredit: Jack Gardner Photography

After so many hectic vacations running to and fro, here and there, it’s an unexpected, delicious experience to let the stress drop away and embrace the lazy contentment of a day on the beach. Quite possibly, like the unforgettable spectacle of sand and sea, a lazy summer day spent on the beach might be a day you will never forget.

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