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Explore the Jewels of 30A – The Coastal Dune Lakes

1st October 2016

30A Coastal Dune Lake Photocredit: Jack Gardner Photography Coastal lakes are freshwater lakes that are found within 1 or 2 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. There are 15 coastal dune lakes along the shoreline of Walton County. What makes coastal lakes special is that they actually connect to the Gulf of Mexico, a larger body of water. When the lakes reach flood level they forge a channel through the sand, breaking through to exchange water with the Gulf, creating a brackish water system. Coastal Dune Lakes Along 30A When the channels open, the water bursts through the sand dune lines, along the beaches; the salt water then immerses into the freshwater lakes, giving the wild animals, birds and sea life in the area the opportunity to exchange healthy food supplies. This unique interchange of fish and other sea creatures into the coastal lakes produces an abundant eco-system that is extraordinary. Beautiful Dune Lake Along 30A Photocredit: Jack Gardner Photography Another unusual and remarkable feature of these coastal dune lakes is that the salinity of the lakes is constantly changing, making the eco-system of each lake distinct and beautiful in its own way. The lakes and beaches in the area are relatively untouched by time; they are still in their natural state. The area has been protected so that it will remain as unaffected as possible. Rains in the area cause the lakes to flood, which causes the channels to be formed, just as it has happened for thousands of years. There is a local advisory board that advises the county on matters related to the coastal dune lakes. The goal of the council is to preserve the natural wonder that is the lakes. They assess building project applications, offer education and resources to the public, and keep a watchful eye on the area. Introduction to the Dune Lakes by Natural Wonders of the World – Many people think of the dune lakes as the “jewels” of the area. One is a diamond, another a ruby, another a sapphire, delicately set along the coastline. The water is magnificent in its jewel-like emerald coloring; the stillness of the lakes juxtaposed against the constant movement of the Gulf waters creates a rare experience of peace and serenity for many visitors. The quietness and natural setting creates a landscape that is conducive to reflection and introspection. Sunsets and sunrises add to the color; the coastal dune lakes on 30A are one of the most spectacular sights in the world. View from Exclusive 30A Property Exclusive 30A invites you to visit and explore the natural beauty here along 30A. We offer unparalleled amenities, concierge service, luxurious bedding and ultra-plush settings – both inside the home and out. Contact us today to plan your next 30A vacation. Visit our rentals and book online or call us at (844) STAY-30A / (844) 782-9302.