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Experience the Extraordinary in Seaside, Florida

1st March 2017

11 Seaside is a noteworthy community that is located in the central part of the Florida panhandle, near the Gulf Coast. It is noteworthy for two important reasons. First, Seaside is a master-planned community that has received national attention and recognition for its beauty and construction. What sets Seaside apart from other planned communities is that it was designed using the principles of New Urbanism. New Urbanism promotes walkable neighborhoods, diverse in use and population and the architecture and landscaping is in accordance with local history, climate, building materials and environment. It promotes public transit with the idea of reducing traffic and highly values historic preservation, safe streets and eco-friendly buildings. Learn more about New Urbanism here. seaside-beach Seaside is also noteworthy for the natural beauty of its beaches. The breathtakingly beautiful white sand beckons from beyond the city pavilions that anchor the streets, inviting you to remove your shoes and feel the sand between your toes. The foamy sea waves summon you to dip into the tepid water and swim to your heart’s content. Take a moment to notice the intricate pattern the crab tracks make along the shoreline and the iridescent shells and masterful sand castles that line the beach. Seaside is a fairly young town, at least in the lifespan of most towns; its founder, Robert S Davis inherited the land and initiated the community in 1979. At first glance, it may appear to be a much older community. By regulation, Seaside architecture must be wood-shingled, clapboard and board-and-batten with deep front porches and shiny tin roofs like those in rural America. The windows are predominantly tall and narrow; living areas are two-stories high; and old-fashioned cupolas and towers signal a by-gone era. pic2 In contrast, the interiors of Seaside homes are open, light and airy. Built for natural air-flow to utilize the cooling effect of the afternoon breeze, the tall windows characteristic of the architecture are so numerous that the light that emanates from them illuminates the town at night. Make no mistake – the houses may seem old-fashioned in design but are built with all of the amenities and conveniences expected in today’s modern homes. Furthermore, the properties offered by Exclusive 30A are far from being outdated; they are upscale, luxurious and extremely comfortable. Exclusive 30A Seaside (and nearby Seagrove) vacation homes offer extravagances not always easy to find in beachside homes. Enjoy private porches and balconies, outdoor grills and dining areas, private pools, sumptuous courtyards, plush furniture, en suite baths with spa-inspired showers, flat screen televisions and touch-button gas fireplaces. Kitchens are amenity-laden with Thermador warming drawers, multiple dishwashers, convection ovens, drink chiller drawers and top-quality cooking pots, pans and utensils. pic3 Entertain guests with tasteful serving trays, platters and gorgeous place settings. Walls are decorated with true one-of-a-kind art pieces and beds are made with fine Italian linens. Decorations are comfy, chic and plush. We invite you to visit the extraordinary town of Seaside. Take in the sights, sounds and sense of community like nowhere else. There are so many things to see and do; click here for a list of annual events in the area.

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